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About Old Oak Estate Farm



Situated between Belleville and Millstadt, in the township of Smithton, in the county of St. Clair, in the state of Illinois, the Old Oak Estate Farm has been in the family now for over 160 years.   It is a Sesquicentennial Heritage Farm registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, thus giving Old Oak Estate Farm its heritage status.

This relaxing and still metropolitan country estate farm is comprised of 31+ acres in which only two are used for residential needs. The farm's water supply is well based, very cold, and has been tested to be of excellent quality.   There are two resident houses on this heritage farm, one with a personal history, our Guesthouse. The Farmhouse, which faces North is flanked on both East and West of its grounds by farmland.  The Guesthouse, recently acquired and under renovation, is situated on the Northeast corner of the farm.  The Guesthouse is currently undergoing rehab and it is hoped to soon be able for temporary residential stays.


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