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About the Farmhouse

Located in the forefront and middle of the 30+ acre estate, the Farmhouse was designed and co-built by it's first owner Clarence Briesacher in the late 1960s.  The original drawing for the layout of the house is still in the care of the current owners and is part of the Old Oak Collections portfolio.  Constructions for the house began late in the year 1969 and was completed in 1970.  In order for the construction of the new house to begin, the old and original farm house was dismantle and torn down.  When demolition of the old farm house was nearing completion a discovery was made.  Unknown to Clarence and his family the old farm house contained the original log cabin that was built on the estate in the 1850s, by Clarence's great-great-grandfather George Briesacher and his family.  Indeed it was a sad day to the Brieascher family to made such a hundred and ten year old discovery upon demolition.

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