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History and Timeline of the Guesthouse


 The Guesthouse-1940-OldOakEstateFarmThe charming history of the Guesthouse on Old Oak Estate Farm began in the late 1930s when Clarence Briesacher asked his longtime girl, Virginia Vollmer, to be his wife.  When Virginia accepted, both she and Clarence knew that they were to set up home on the Briesacher farm and homestead (Old Oak Estate Farm).    However, Clarence's parents, Jacob T. and Auriela (nee Mueller) Briesacher, were still living there.  Thus in 1939, while Virginia prepared for her marriage and move from the White Farm (in which she lived since the age of two), Clarence began building the new in-law living quarters on the northwest corner of the farm for Jacob T. and Auriela to move into.

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